13 Disturbing Tattoo Cover-Ups That Can Make You Cringe

#1 Cross It Out

Might wanna stop getting every girls name tatted on you!

#2 Screw You Andy!

We couldn’t have put it any better…

#3 WTF Is That?

She should’ve stopped at the heart…

#4 I Dated The Devil

He finally knows who she was inside…

#5 Pokemon

Pikachu painting himself while having a b*er…classy!

#6 No Longer Repping

Someone must’ve traded in their Hyundai…

#7 Stop Getting Tattoos

From one bad mistake to another, nice.

#8 Black Blob

Is that supposed to be a playing card?!

#9 Too Much!

Yes, because the solution is to just keep adding stuff…

#10 A Big Mess

We’re not sure what is covering up what, but it’s all tacky!

#11 Rawr

Why does everyone resort to a wild animal which they would be scared to pet in real life?

#12 Going To Battle

He turned from a religious man into a warrior!

#13 The Crow

Again with the random animal…guess she’s no longer into cheetah’s and Hello Kitty.


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