Everyone Thought This Dog Was Grieving For Her Owner Until They Noticed What’s Underneath

When it comes to the bond shared by humans and animals, the best can be seen with dogs. Dogs grieving for their dead masters is not something that’s been unheard of before, and when a particular picture surfaced over the internet, several people who were touched by it started asking for its story. And now, here it is. Check it out.

#6 Just Another Day

For the workers at this graveyard, it was just another regular day. Until they stumbled on to this.

From afar, it looked like another stray dag had wandered its way in but when they got close, it was much much more than just a dog who seemed to have lost his way.

#5 Major Missing

When they did get closer, they saw the dog digging a grave up. Soon, she had curled up into the hole she had dug. The workers were all so touched because everybody had concluded that the poor dog was dearly missing his master.

Little did they know that wasn’t the case. Keep reading to find out what was really happening there!



#4 Take A Closer Look

When they went in to take a closer look, they found that there was more than just one person in that hole. And no, it was not the soul of the dead person!

Puppies! Turns out it was an entire family of cuties, all curled up with mommy!

Keep reading to see the cutest puppies you’ll ever have seen!



#3 New Home!

Before we get to the puppy pictures, let’s give the story a happy ending. The dog was apparently pregnant when she had arrived and she had given birth to these little cuties over there.

But they deserved better than this and the workers moved them over to a better place. They’re now well fed. Soon they clicked some pictures of the puppies.

You’ll definitely go aww! Keep reading!

#2 Cutie no. 1

All the puppies were examined by a vet, dewormed and determined completely healthy. Their mother is now well fed and can produce nutritious milk for them!

Meet cutie no. 1!

#1 Cutie no. 2

In the beginning, these pups were hesitant on taking food from strangers, but they eventually gave in. And this tiny little fella totally sto

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