Fish With Human Like Teeth And Taste For Testicles Found In Popular US Lake

These are some creepy creatures!

#3 The Pacu Fish

These types of fishes are found in a US lake and they are highly distinguished from normal fishes.This Pacu fish is believed to be cousins with the piranha fish and have human-like teeth!

Imagine a fish having complete teeth set like humans, that’s what their mouth looks like! Their teeth are more human-like, and different from the pointy, saw-bladed teeth of their vicious cousin

#2 Michigan Lake

These are largely found in Michigan lake in US. Some zoologists claim that these fishes are hybrid of the pets that were thrown into the river who have then mate with the fishes. Further, interestingly, Pacu can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh 55 pounds when fully developed!

Their peculiar teeth is not just the distinctive features about them, there’s something more which is even more dreadful than interesting. Read on to know!



#1 The Fishes Love The Smell of Testicles

Yes, it might sound crazy, but this is absolutely true! Peter Rask Moller, a Danish professor, jokingly said that Pacu fish would often mistake human male testes for fruit and want to chew on them.

Scared, are you!?

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