Photos That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful. No.4 Is Really A Big Problem

With great height comes great responsibility. Sure, there are many advantages of being tall- but do tall guys sometimes get the short end of the stick? After seeing some of these situations, maybe being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

#18 Never See The Face

>It is really sad that tall guys are unable to see their face in the mirrors.

#17 Rainy Season

It will be difficult to walk during the rainy season for you because the umbrellas will open up at the eye level.


#16 Aircraft Problem

Tall people have to face great difficulty due to their tall legs in the aircrafts.

#15 Embarrassing

<Isn’t it embarrassing to go through a situation like this? I guess it is so awkward.


#14 Be Careful

Tall heighted people should always be careful as they may bang their head into a low celling.

#13 Can’t Sleep

You will always find the bed short. It is not actually the bed that Is short but it’s all due to your height.

#12 Hard To Fit In

Tall people even find it difficult to fit inside a foreign car.

#11 Very Sad

People hate to stand at your back at any show as they hardly see anything at the front.

#10 Daily Problem

If you are tall, it will not be easy for you to take shower everyday as you will go above the shower.


#9 Just Keep Jumping

People find it their right to jump on the back of you even without asking.

#8 You Grow Fast

People always notice your height to be grown up since they saw you last.

#7 Expectations

Everyone will expect you to be good in sports, but it is not true always.

#6 Library

>You will always be asked to pick things that are kept at height like the books in the library.

#5 Is It Short?

Being a tall guy you will find it difficult to relax in the bathtub as you hardly fit in it.

#4 Please Don’t Hit

Tall guys are hit by the crowd as a beacon.

#3 A Goalie

If you are tall, you will always be made a goalie.

#2 Like Tom And Jerry

>You will always find it difficult to hear people at any party.

#1 Always At The Back

You will always be made to stand at the back of any group photograph.

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