The Parents Leave Their 1-yr Old With Babysitter. When They See Him The Next Day, Their Hearts Stop

Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney are a couple with children from Sherwood, Oregon, USA They recently wanted to spend a night out, so they left their 1-year-old son, Jacob, with someone to take care of him, a friend of the family. When they got home, they found their caregiver asleep on the couch, while their son was crying. But it wasn’t until the next day that they realized the seriousness of what had happened.


Jacob’s father, Joshua, shared his story on Facebook when he saw that the authorities did nothing:

we learned that the charges were dropped because my son cannot verbally express that he was beaten and my son did not show that it hurt. Or that this person did it “on purpose.” I am SO furious that I am not going to insult anyone, HOPING this will go viral. I have already done what God asked of me and I have followed his advice not to act out of revenge. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, you have a confession and evidence with handprints !!!!! A corpse cannot tell who killed it. But in the case of a baby the same rules do not apply because he cannot speak ??? Well, neither can a corpse speak. THAT’S A BLASPHEMY. Have you waited 2 months or more to tell us this ??? You need to do something about it. NOBODY can hit a child or do other things to them and escape unscathed. Please,

No child has to go through what this little boy went through. Share this article and get justice for Jacob!

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