They Call This Iranian Lifter The Persian Hercules And You Won’t Believe How Big He Is

Does he even stop lifting, Bro ?

#5 ‘Huge’ Attention.

Sajad Gharibi from Iran has off late gaining popularity online as Persian Hercules, to be precise Iranian Hulk. He is just 24 but his appearance will surely force you to wonder ‘Really?’

#4 Lift-up Love.

Sajad’s first and foremost love has known to be lifting. This huge man weighing 175 kg give priority to lifting.



#3 As Huge As It Gets.

The gigantic physique can probably make almost everything come into sight as too tiny to be truly called dwarf.



#2 Somehow He Succeeds.

Even though he has such giant body, Sajad manages to fit in and drive his car.

#1 Huge Body Beholds Bigger Heart.

Though not much is known about this guy, but the ones close to him disclosed that he has a golden heart. As they call him, Gentle Giant.

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