What It’s Like To Sleep With Your Partner And What The Reality Is

Her and his interpretations about sleeping in the sam From MommyHasAPottyMouth

#7 Spoon Position

Sometimes you might think too good to happen in your first night but the reality goes just opposite. This happens because you and your partner are both new to each others habits.

#6 Space On The Bed

Some of you have a habit of occupying the whole bed. If you are in love with such a person then it will be really hard for you to get a room on the bed.



#5 Just Keep Out

It is better to keep your mouth out of the cover if your partner has a tendency to fart under the cover. Otherwise you will have to bear methane cuddles.



#4 Personal Hygiene

Be careful about your personal hygiene and grooming as it may hurt your love and in turn can cost you heavily.

#3 In The Morning

You must be having a dream night full of kisses and romance but in the morning it would be hard to wake up.

#2 Click Click Click

If you feel that you can sleep and relax in the same way as you used to do before then you are mistaken as your girl is having a smart phone.

#1 Snoring

Compromises are a part of every relationship. It is not necessary to have just sexual compromises. If your husband snores, you will have to bear t

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