What Killed This Man, Many Of Us Drink Every Day. Death Lurks In The Refrigerator

Take care of yourself

#4 Meet Dean Wharmby

Dean Wharmby was an extremely loving father and husband apart from a dedicated professional bodybuilder. It goes without saying that bodybuilding needs a lot of hard work, dedication, effort and money. A professional bodybuilder invests a lot of his time in taking care of his bodily needs. Certainly, Dean also did the same.

#3 The Nutrition

He used to pay a lot of attention to what he’s eating. His diet had over 10,000 calories per day in order to gain more muscle mass. He used to eat a mix of fast food and balanced meals such as chicken, fish, and eggs to meet his increased protein need.

Apart from that, he used to drink two energy drinks every hour to keep himself pumped up during the strenuous workout sessions


#2 The First Setback

However, this plan backfired when Dean was diagnosed with Cancer. He avoided chemotherapy and decided to treat this problem naturally. He shifted to a healthy diet, as he changed his diet and turned to natural medicine it seemed that the tumour started disappearing

But this wasn’t all, something drastic happened that took his life. Read on to know what it was?



#1 The Final Blow

As he felt some relief, he got back to his old routine of drinking two energy drinks an hour while working out. This relapsed his cancer and he was again diagnosed with liver cancer. Again, he avoided chemotherapy and tried to escape cancer with a strict and healthy diet. But this 39-year-old man drastically lost a lot of weight and eventually died.

He took so much time to understand that it was excessive consumption of energy drinks that took his life. According to the doctors, these popular beverages totally destroyed Dean’s liver and body and promote the growth of cancer cells.

So, if you’re also someone who consumes these beverages, watch out for the number of cans you drink per day and try to lessen it. Take care!

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