Only Long-Haired Girls Can Understand All the Pain in These Photos

There are things that unite us, no matter where you were born and how old you are. If you have #longhairproblems, you’ll understand these photos without further ado.

The Bright Side’s women also understand them. Yet none of these pictures can make us change our hairstyle.

It happens every day. Every. Day.

A trendy bun looks like this.

This moment when you forgot your hair band at home.

However, we are not the only ones to suffer from our long hair.

Even our pets have a tough time with us.

We face this problem more often than it seems.

Too often. I’m not kidding.

And when was the last time you took off your headphones without a couple of hairs?

Not every hair band is trustworthy.

If you forget to pull your hair out, it might look weird.

Even too weird.

Selfie on a windy day? No problem.

We can never have a claw clip with all the teeth undamaged.

And definitely no unbroken combs.

Your friends don’t even think of sympathizing with you in such situations.

Well, you’ll never lose your sunglasses.


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