15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

Even when we grow up, we still need our parents’ love and approval.

This is why we still ask our mothers for advice, visit them to enjoy the memories of our childhood, and connect with them to feel the unconditional love only a mother’s heart is capable of.

Mothers are often very serious, but it’s so cool to be able to witness their sense of humor: they might do something really unexpected and cool.

And these moments are priceless.

We at Gain Tip were laughing while reading these stories from internet users that remembered funny and cute situations with their moms.

And in the bonus, we will prove that women really do gain superpowers when they become mothers.

Once I came home from school, nobody was at home, I didn’t have the keys, and couldn’t call my mom.

I spent 2 hours outside.

Then, I went to our neighbors to get warm and they had a key to our apartment.

I went into the kitchen and the note on the fridge said, “Sweetie, our neighbors have the key.

Don’t forget to eat pasta when you read this.


” © KostaGrass / Pikabu

My mom was a very good soccer player in her youth.

Growing up in Dublin though, she ended up being a shop worker most of her life.

When I was about 15 we were playing soccer on the street.

It was late evening and my mom was coming around the corner, on her way home from a 12-hour-shift.

We used to play with a tennis ball to try and boost our control.

As she walked around the corner the ball came to her.

Not missing a beat she took it down on her chest and flicked it over one lad’s head, she then dropped the shoulder and nearly broke my mate’s ankle as she jinked him, and then proceeded to smash the ball into the top corner past me without me even moving.

She was 53 at the time and did it all in her works shoes, uniform, and while carrying her handbag.

We just all stood there in silence as she just pottered off into the house.

© superjayjay100 / Reddit

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© LasagnaCena / Reddit

“My mom remembered I don’t have room in my place for a Christmas tree, so she made me this wreath with built-in lights and all the ornaments from when I was a kid.

There was one spring when someone was coming around our yard and knocking over the bird feeders.

My mother stopped buying new ones and started taping/gluing them back together.

So one morning I’m sitting at the table with my mom having breakfast when she looks out at the feeder, then stands up, and rips the slider door open, storms out onto the deck, and starts screaming, “HEY, GET OFF MY FEEDER!

” At this point, I peek around the corner and sure enough, there is the bear coming down off its back 2 legs looking very confused as to why it’s getting yelled at.

The bear walks off into the woods and she comes back inside as if nothing happened.

My dad and I just look at each other and start laughing.

My mother, one of the tamest and level-headed people I know, just scared off a BEAR!

© toworkortoreddit / Reddit

My mom once came quietly into my room early one morning, I was maybe 14 years old.

Suddenly, “Sarah!


There’s a UFO in the backyard!

” as she’s shouting at me, she’s run straight into my brother’s room and grabbed his window shade to pull it up to show me the UFO, as he had a perfect view of the backyard.

Mind you, waking up in such a way I was in a stupor, so excited, bewildered, I couldn’t believe this was happening!

I don’t even think my feet ever hit the floor to get to my brother’s room.

What was I about to see?

I pictured this large silver disc spinning and hovering in front of the swing set.



The sound of the shade being snapped up — I didn’t see anything right away — maybe it’s already gone?

My mom just stared at me with a smile only a crazy person could wear — “April Fools!



” She laughed and laughed.

© Sarah Reyes / Quora

My mom is too active in every aspect.

She, being bored at home, joined a vocal music course at a college near to our home 2 years back.

She used to be so sincere at the start, like practicing vocals daily, reading the theory, etc.

I was totally shocked to see her that dedicated and even used to tease her a bit.

Recently, on her last day, she attended her third-year vocal examination, but she didn’t perform well, and consequently, she received a scolding from her teacher.

She got frustrated and decided to not prepare for the written exam.

She called me after the exam and said she did very well.

I was totally confused because I know that she didn’t study at all.

Later on, she said, “I didn’t study but my phone did.

” On the day of the exam, she took snapshots of a few important notes.

She bravely hid her phone in her purse and filled in the exam with the help of the pictures she had taken.

© Srija Asritha M / Quora

Oh, my mom is a Super Troll.

Back when I used to be a little fat, it would bug her to no end that I wouldn’t work out, so she adopted a new method: Trolling me in front of a room full of guests, relatives, and friends.

She would wait until the room was quiet for a bit, and then suddenly point at my belly and loudly say with an air of mock pride, and a dramatic voice to boot, “Only 2 more months till I get my grandchild.

” Around the fourth time she did that, I couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore, so to her utter delight I hit the gym and lost the fat, happily depriving her of her “grandchild.

” © Khalid Bajwa / Quora

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© hillgerb / Reddit

“This is how my mom decided to cut onions to keep herself from crying today.

I was about 5 years old and my mom asked me to go and buy some milk for the first time in my life.

I did and returned with a bottle of milk.

My mom said I was a good boy.

And it felt nice so I asked her if she wanted me to buy more milk.

She said that she did.

So I bought another bottle.

She praised me again and I wanted more.

So, I went to the store again and bought one more bottle.

My mom said, “You know, you could have bought 3 bottles at once.

” © Fatherbig / Pikabu

Last week, I stopped by my mom’s place.

I parked outside and then some guy kicked my wheel and told me I had to move the car because it was “his” parking place.

I told my mom about it.

I was laughing.

When I came back home and called my mom to tell her I was okay, she told me that she found that guy and told him not to insult her daughter.

And the guy apologized to me!

My mom is 75.

I was listening to her and thinking: a mom is always a mom.

At any age, in any situation, she will always protect me.



© Zolushok / Pikabu

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© geebees42 / Reddit

“How my mom decided to cut the cake!

My mom was looking out of a window and saw a traffic warden about to put a parking ticket on her car.

Panicking, she flung open the window and shouted, “WAIT!

” Sprinted down the stairs and up the street toward him.

The best part was she was currently starring in a production of a play and, as such, was dressed in a full nuns habit (the window she leaned out of was at the back of a theatre), so this traffic warden got to witness a nun come belting up the street shouting at him in a very strong opera singers voice.

She got away with it.

© wolfgirl2345 / Reddit

My mom was slim and has always had a great sense of style.

One night (in 1968 or 69), after she and my father were married, they decided to celebrate their anniversary at some fancy French restaurant at a grand hotel in downtown Chicago.

Anyway, when they approached the place, the “maître d” looked down his nose at my parents, and with a French accent told them, “I am very sorry ‘Madam’ and ‘Monsieur,’ but women are not allowed to wear pants in our establishment.

” After asking the man to repeat himself, my mom did the only sensible thing she could do.

Right then and there, she pulled down her pants!

Then, wearing only her top (now a VERY mini dress).



My mom asked for them to be shown to their table, immediately!

And he did it.



without a peep.

My dad didn’t even have to say a word.



He knew who he was with.

© Rena Margulies / Quora

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© yaboygoalie / Reddit

“My mom has been through a lot in the past few years and started painting again as an outlet!

Look at how amazing this is!

My mom has a loud, crazy laugh that makes her cry.

It’s uncontrollable.

Red face.

Can’t breathe.

Almost looks like she’s struggling to live.

I don’t remember what it was that started it, but it was lunchtime.

We were at a restaurant and I remember us laughing so loud and so hard that our server started laughing.

The tables around us started laughing.

Them laughing at us made us laugh even more.

Tears flying, snot streaming, gasping for air with a laugh so loud it could wake the dead.

It was beautiful.

© Nikki Reicha / Quora

My mom was notorious for being bad with languages.

She routinely mixed languages for no reason, but she always tried to use a few words, often with insane results.

The best example was when she visited me in Dakar, Senegal.

I had learned some Wolof (the local language) and could speak French very well, but despite my mom asking me to teach her some phrases, she kept getting things mixed up.

I told her that I would translate for her, and at the markets, everyone spoke English.

I wandered off, but suddenly heard my mom yelling, “NO, NO, NO.

” I ran over and saw her waving her arms, saying, “NO, NO, NO,” in the face of a trader, who was shoving 3 bracelets into her face.

The trader turns to me and says in French, “What does your mother want?

She keeps saying NO, 3, no, 3!

” My mom then starts repeating, “No, NYET, NO, NYET.

” I suddenly realized the problem — “nyet” in Russian means “no,” but “nyet” in Wolof means “3.

” Why on Earth she thought she could use Russian in Senegal is beyond me.

© Siobhan Green / Quora

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© Podslushano / vk

Once, my mom decided to reconsider her life and her appearance.

She went to the gym, lost weight, cut her hair short, dyed it, and changed her clothing style.

Also, she told my dad she was tired of staying at home and she wanted a job, so my father hired her as an office manager.

My mom’s workplace was in a small building with big windows and my dad would often sit with her.

Then one day, my mom gets a phone call from a friend that she hadn’t seen in a long time.

This friend tells her (after having seen my dad and “another woman” together through the windows of his office), “Honey, be strong.

Your husband is cheating on you.

In plain sight!

” My parents laughed really hard at this.

© “Podslushano” / Vk

My mother, who was an old Georgia farm girl, hypnotized a chicken for my friends one day when I was in 2nd grade.

We went outside and caught a chicken.

First, we had to hold the chicken with its head under our arm at the elbow for several minutes to calm the chicken down and let its heart rate decrease, I’m now guessing.

Then, my mother had one of us put the chicken down on the ground and gently hold it by the body and head.

She held her index finger up above ground level.

The chicken looked at it.

She slowly drew her finger away and we were as quiet as church mice.

After about 2 minutes the chicken was very still.

She said softly to take our hands off the chicken.

It was motionless.

Bingo she had done it.

Much later in life, I learned that a chicken has a very simple optical nervous system and does mentally become “stuck” when one does this.

It was a scientific fact after all.

© Steven Gaudry / Quora

Bonus: Women gain superpowers when they become mothers

15+ Stories About Mothers That Have a Great Sense of Humor

© Podslushano / Vk

I was always amazed at my mother finding things I couldn’t find.

And now my husband is screaming from the bathroom:

— Where’s the towel?

— It’s there.

— It’s not here!

— It’s there!

— No, it’s not.

I go into the bathroom and find the towel where it should be.

My 4-year-old daughter:

— Mom, where’s my pen?

— It’s in your drawer.

After that, I come and find 2 pens in her drawer.

I have no idea how I gained this superpower.

© Frufro / Pikabu

I love this superpower that mothers have when a child is like, “Aodhgyhgdodfn!

, and his mom is all, “Sure, honey.

Apple juice or just water?

” One day, when aliens come to destroy our planet, the FBI boss will call his mom and when the aliens say “Ofhfusjso, fhgfd!

, she’ll be like, “What do you mean, destroy Earth?

I told you to go to bed 30 minutes ago!

” And the planet will be saved.

© valenayaspers / Twitter

Women with children have that special “mother voice.

” I was walking along the street and hear a mom scream out of a window, “Come home now!

” I got scared and then I realized, “Wait, this is not my street, not my mother, and I’m 32 years old.

” I still went home, just in case.

© kabanjero / Pikabu

Do you remember the times when your mother surprised you so much that you saw her in a completely new light?


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