11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

To avoid such a failure next time, Bright Side will tell you how to find out if the 11 most faked products are real.

11. Levi’s jeans

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Back pocket arc, tab, and patch. Arc-shaped stitching on the back pocket is typical of all styles, except the rare Authentics Signature. The Levi’s signature on the tab is written using a lower case “e.” An upper case “E” is seen only on exclusive styles or fakes. The serial number on the patch is duplicated to the tissue belt inside.
  • Pins and studs. Pin buttons are made of metal. Their flat top is engraved with the Levi Strauss signature. The reverse side contains the style serial number. Studs are produced with copper (they are also rarely covered with enamel) and have a serial number inside and outside (on the reverse side of the product).

10. Lacoste polo

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Buttons. They have a variegated color because they are mostly made of mother-of-pearl. The shape is flat and slightly saddle-like in the middle. There are 2 holes for needles (on the upper and lower parts). There is no writing on the button.
  • Label. The green crocodile on the classic styles is stitched separately, and then it is attached. Its location is to the side of the buttons, closer to the lower part (fakers usually forget about it). The crocodile’s body parts are easily distinguished.
  • Side elevations. Men’s T-shirts have small side elevations; women’s ones do not.

9. Victoria’s Secret bathing suit

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Cloth. All the bathing suits under this brand are made of double cloth. Styles in single colors can be easily checked if you pull the upper layer and the backing in different directions at the same time.
  • Size table and label tags. There are 5 main sizes of bathing suits: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Copies are usually only S, M, and L. If the bra is boned, the size is signed in the same way as on the usual underwear unit (34А, 34В, etc). Tags are only pink, black, white, or transparent. The manufacturing countries are China or Sri Lanka.

8. Rolex watch

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Clockface. A Rolex clockface is made of sapphire glass. If you put a drop of water on it, it will remain a drop. The calendar box is slightly raised up. The reverse side of the glass has a small crown picture near the number 6 (it concerns all models produced after 2002).
  • Second hand. The second hand is smooth with no jumps when moving. Even if you try, you won’t hear the tick-tock sound.
  • Back panel. Rolex copies often have a transparent back panel. Original models always have a metal cover with the serial number and the label engraved under it.

7. Ray-Ban glasses

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Case. It is made of leather cloth and has the following characteristics: it is uneven to the touch and has the Ray-Ban logo on the button. There is a firm stamp to the left of the button. The front cover of the case is rough; the back side is softer. There is black velour inside.
  • Lenses. The left lens of all models has Ray-Ban writing which cannot be removed. The right lens has laser engraving either from the inside or the outside.
  • Arms. There is a serial number beginning with RB on the left arm. It also contains the following information: the color of the glasses, the level of dimming, the lens diameter, and the nose bridge size. The right arm contains the model name, the letter marking the producing factory, and the label with the European standards of safety.

6. Converse sneakers

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Layout. The sole is no less than 1.18 inches high. The back side contains the “ALL STAR” sign (there is also a star in the middle of the writing, sometimes accompanied by the letter “R”) and nothing more. Converse sneakers are always sold laced.
  • Tongue tag. The sticker on the reverse side of the tongue is raised to the touch (fake models have only a piece of paper). The upper part has 2 broad stitchings. The tag also has a serial number consisting of 6 characters.

5. Air Max sports shoes

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Air chamber. Original shoes have an air module under a transparent plastic cover. Fake models usually don’t have any air under the plastic. To check the air chamber, it is necessary to press it. Originals are hard to push, and the module quickly returns to its original shape.
  • The tongue tag and the sole. After 2008, the tag on all Air Max models is attached thermally, so there should be no thread at all. The serial number is a code of 6 characters; the next 3 characters are the color coding. The sole is made of high-quality gum, which is slightly dimmed.

4. Christian Louboutin shoes

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • Layout. When put onto an even surface, the toes and heels of original shoes will be on the same level; the foot is tightly attached to the ground. The heels and side parts are not high (it is a trademark of the brand) and distinctively curved. The cloth on the main part of the shoe and on the heel is identical.
  • The sole and insoles. The sole is always red, and the color is bright, clear, and whole. There are stamps showing “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy,” and the size. Sometimes, leather models have the additional “Vero Cuoio” writing. The “Christian Louboutin” writing is embossed. No other stamps or writings are allowed.

3. Apple EarPods earphones

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • The package. Original earphones are sold in a plastic box with a blue hint (it is usually yellow for fake products). The weight of the box together with the product is about 1.8 oz.
  • Layout. The EarPods look wholesome, and there is no trace of factory brazing. The hatch on the speakers is made of metal (there is a plastic hatch for fake products). Copies are often missing the Left/Right symbols.

2. Samsung phones

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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  • The display. There are AMOLED displays for most models. One of its characteristics is the bright black color. Fake products are usually gray, blue, or brown.
  • Checking code. Input the secret *#7353# code. The original Samsung Galaxy will open a special application testing menu. The *#0*# combination will help you in testing the screen, the speakers, and other functions of the phone.
  • ID numbers. The table under the battery contains the model code, the serial number, and the IMEI. If you enter *#06#, the screen will show you the IMEI, plus the serial number (works only for some models).

1. Any brand

11 Tips to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

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Whatever brand you prefer, always pay attention to the firmness of packaging and whether the item is working as it should. Famous manufacturers take pride in the design and functionality of both the product itself and its package. The external perfection shows how much they care about their customers, as well as their own good reputation.

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