8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

Any relationship can reach a dead end, and it can be rather difficult to break up with someone, even if the love has gone.

Bright Side has discovered 8 situations where it’s obvious that the feelings are weaker than they used to be.

1. She no longer cares how you spend your time.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

Did your girlfriend used to ask about every single minute of your day but now doesn’t care at all? This can be explained once or twice by her being too busy. But if it happens regularly, you should become alert.

2. She is no longer jealous. At all.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

It is typical of everyone to be at least a bit jealous. Particularly if, in the past, your girlfriend used to analyze every person in your life.

3. She answers your calls and messages only once in a while.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

It’s not about your partner being constantly busy. It’s about them not answering you even if they have enough free time to do it. It is particularly suspicious when the messages themselves become less emotional and warm.

4. She suddenly doesn’t like your mutual hobby anymore.


8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

Does your girlfriend suddenly refuse to spend her free time with you? If yes, you should think over possible reasons for being uninteresting to her. She used to like your company very much!

5. She is not planning her future with you.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

This is the most alarming sign. When your soul mate is going to spend their life with you, future plans will certainly include you. If you are not on the list, it’s a reason for discussion.

6. She is obviously worried about something but doesn’t discuss it with you.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

If you used to talk about everything in the world all night long and now your soul mate avoids you, though you still feel the tension, you should carefully ask about the reason for such behavior.

7. She doesn’t need your help.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

She used to ask you for help and was glad that you were taking care of her. Now she is not only fine without your assistance but even rejects it. Talk to her. This may be down to a past reaction to one of her requests, or perhaps she doesn’t want to see you again.

8. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

8 Things Women Do When Out of Love

You know for sure that your girlfriend used to laugh loudly at your jokes, and she was interested in all your funny stories. Where has everything gone? As a separate sign, it is not so alarming: she may just be way too tired. However, combined with all the situations above, it raises flags!

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