Dad Fled From Playground When He Saw THIS. Keep Your Eyes On The Swing…..Creepy..

#3 Playgrounds are supposed to be fun….

#3 Playgrounds are supposed to be fun....

So, its just a typical day. Dad wants to take his kids out to the park and spend some time with them. Quite normal right? So, this is what this day from Rhode Island had in mind when he arrived at the local playground with his kids. But Scotty Denton, the father, was not expecting this to happen!

#2 The little girl was anxious to play on the swings…

#2 The little girl was anxious to play on the swings...

But when they reached the playground, Scotty told her she couldn’t because someone was already on the swing. The little girl obviously confused argued that there was no one there. And when Scotty pointed to the swinging swing to show her someone was indeed using the swing…..

Everyone in the car fell silent. The swing had no one on it. But it kept on swinging. Watch the entire video ahead


#1 There was no wind.

Obviously Scotty thought it must have been the wind. But the strangest thing, there was no wind that day! And not just that, it was the only swing that kept on swinging. All the others didn’t even move much. How is that even possible?!

This was not the first time…

This was not the first time the local people have witnessed the swing swinging erratically all by itself either.

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