Genius! One Husband With 13 Wives, All Pregnant At The Same Time

This is record breaking!

#3 One Husband, 13 Wives

There are many stories that get viral for their weirdness levels and astounding facts! But this one will surely be in your mind forever. Ever since the husband posted the picture with his 13 wives, the social media went crazy for them!

This is one record breaking story about a (super) man! I’m sure you haven’t heard anything like it before, ever! The story has a man who is married to 13 women at the same time, but it is not enough. All these wives get along really well with each other. They all live under the same roof like a big one happy family.

#2 This is some talent

All these women speak highly of each other and never disregard each other. Each of them is happy in their life. Though it is not legal in their country, yet this man is proud husband of all his 13 wives.

The fact that will take you by surprise is that, all these 13 wives are pregnant and at the same time and same month! Eh! Now, that is what record breaking is!

If you’re wondering about its possibility, let me tell you one more astounding fact. Read ahead to find out


#1 Surprisingly unbiased husband

The gap between each pregnancy ranges from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. Yeah, seems like, someone worked really hard to synchronize the order, ya?! No doubt, each of them is happy! Their husband does NOT differentiate at all!

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