This Woman Is Addicted To Exercise And Works Out 8 Hours A Day

That’s completely insane!

Exercising is surely very important for the body. Your body needs regular exercise for being fit and healthy. But what happens when you becomes addicted to the exercise? But have you ever wondered how much of the exercise is too much for the body and what happens when you cross the limit?

Meet Erin, a young and vibrant girl who is a self-proclaimed exercise addict! She exercises not 4 or 5 hours a day but as many as 8 hours in the entire day! She says she’s addicted to exercise and cannot hold back even a single day without exercising!


She has various variants of exercises like spin class, running, the elliptical and also weight training. Her mother recalls that it was only once when she had missed her gymnast class and that was when she had 103 Fahrenheit fever.

Wondering what schedule she must be following to keep up with her 8-hour limit? Also, know what are the repercussions of this rigorous training. Just in case, you want to know why she’s been doing all this, you’ll have to read it till the end.

Well, Erin herself has told about her daily routine which goes something like this: She wakes up at 5:00 AM for a run, and then she goes to work. After work she spends 2 hours on the spin bike and then a meal, followed by a snack, then another meal and then another snack. She is in bed by 2:30 am. The next day she repeats the cycle.

Doctors have constantly been telling her that her muscles are deteriorating because of the excessive exercising. Also that her white cell count is high, her red blood cell counts are abnormal and she may also have an enlarged heart.


Erin explains that from the ages of 6 to 10 years old she was molested and since then she has been adding to her exercise regimen. She says that she’s stacking up these exercises only to forget those nightmarish four years of her life.

It’s extremely sad to see what she’s doing to her body because of the abuses that she received as a child!

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