Her Stepdad Sold His Car To Pay For His Wedding. Years Later, She Surprises Him With THIS

This is so touching…

#4 True Relationships

True relationships aren’t defined by blood, they are defined by affection, bond and love for each other. After all those hatred stories about step parents, we have something new and better for a change.

Kristin shares a special bond with her step Dad Dave. What she did for him is exceptionally sweet and touching.
#3 The Background

Kristin Russel’s stepfather, Dave, met her mother years ago, and it was clear from the first day they met that they were meant for each other. Money was tight for the family back then, and the two had a difficult time finalizing the financials for their wedding.

So they had to make a difficult decision. In order to arrange money, Dave decided to sell his most prized possession, a 1973 Porsche 914.

Years later, he was in for a surprise. Keep reading ahead to know more…

#2 Something Really Special

Dave broke the car down into multiple parts, and sold them separately. To him, it was completely worth the trade-off. Kristin heard this story and wanted to do something really special for her Step-Dad. And what she did is amazing. Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

In the video below, Kristin surprises her stepfather with a special gift. She spent the last two years looking for car that’s very similar to the 1973 Porsche 914 that her stepfather gave up. The video shows Kristin bringing Dave outside to show him the gift. This will make you emotional for sure.

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