I Won’t Tell You What’s Wrong With These Pictures But When You See It..OMG!

Spot the obscurity!


#10 Can You Spot it?

This mom has stuffed the baby inside her jacket!

#9 See His Bat

Missed it? See the bottom of the bat!


#8 Reflections Never Lie


#7 The Graduated One

Well, probably, the person should have considered dressing up a bit more before snapping the snap!



There you go! OMG!

#5 A Great House

Untile you spot the green bear!

#4 The Pebbles

Each pebble has its own peculiarity!

#3 The Gentle Giant

Hidden in the picture!

#2 Reflections are truthful

The reflection in the water tells the whole story.


#1 SPOT ON!!

Spot the error in the picture and you’ll go screaming OMG!!!


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