Mom Watches Her Cheerleader Daughter From Stands, When A Man Hops The Fence

Kids miss their parents especially army parents!

#5 Struggle for Army Parents and Children…

 #5 Struggle for Army Parents and Children…

For a child, whose parent is serving in the army… it can be hard to deal with their absence. There is no doubt that children miss their parents wishing every night to meet at the dining table and have food together.

Parents are missed the most when you are performing at a school event.

#4 Cheerleaders – Addie’s Performance

#4 Cheerleaders – Addie’s Performance

This is 9-year-old Addie Rodriguez, and she was cheering on the sideline for Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Addie’s cheer team had an event in their routine performance in which the dads would lift their daughter up on their shoulder.


#3 But… Dad – An Active Military Member

#3 But… Dad - An Active Military Member

Her father, Senior Airman Michael Locklear, an active military member who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

What can be more terrible than the news that her dad couldn’t make it to the performance? Though Addie’s mom was sitting up in the stands, watching Addie’s every move but she still missed her Dad.

Read on to know what happened next.

#2 Unsuspecting Happening…

#2 Unsuspecting Happening…

While the team’s performance was going on, everybody noticed that Addie’s dad wasn’t there to lift her up.

But there was this one man who jumped over the stadium’s gate and onto the field, people were shocked. What he did was really heart-warming.


#1 The Selfless Act..

Check out in the video what this stranger did for Addie during her cheerleading performance! The entire crowd gasped when they realized his intentions.

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