If You Ever See This Butterfly On A Baby’s Crip, Avoid Asking About It To The Parents

This is just sad. Take a look…

#7 Life Cycle

At this point in time, while you are reading this, someone is taking birth in some corner of this world that you are completely clueless about. At the same time, someone just d!ed right now in some part. This is the life cycle.

A new birth brings happiness whereas a de*th takes away all the happiness with it. Unfortunately, Milli and her husband had to face both the situations at once.

#6 Anencephaly

So Milli Smith was pregnant with twins. Weeks later, she was informed that one of her twins would not be surviving as the baby was suffering from a condition known as anencephaly.

Anencephaly can’t be cured. Now in this situation, all your happiness about bringing a life in this world just dries up! Milli continued with her pregnancy but their emotions were raw.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next with this couple.

#5 The Big Day

Finally, the big day arrived. She gave birth to both her daughters Skye and Callie but it was dev*stating news for Milli and Lewis that Skye won’t be there for long with them except for few hours.

They were willing to do anything and everything possible but nothing would’ve worked. The couple held Skye close to their heart for almost 3 hours in hope of some last minute magic. But life isn’t about magics.

#4 Last A Few Hours

They later took Skye to see Callie so both the sisters can spend last few hours together. Finally, Skye lost her struggle to Anencephaly.

Milli and Lewis really wanted to do something for couple like them. This is when Milli remembered her mother’s advice and that’s when she got an idea.

#3 The Idea

The idea was very simple. A symbol for babies in the neonatal ward, one representing babies who’d lost a twin brother or sister.

#2 Purple Butterfly

The symbol for the same was a little ‘Purple Butterfly.’ This couple worked really hard to ex*cute this initiative. Ultimately, their efforts paid off.

After tireless campaigning, Milli’s hard work was rewarded when purple stickers started popping up in hospitals.

#1 The Surviving Daughter

Their surviving daughter Callie is happy and healthy as of now. We just wish her a very happy and healthy life.

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