Mom Goes to Pick Up 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Cake, Leaves in Tears With a Card from a Stranger About Her Son’s “Birthday in Heaven”

ng to hear stories like the one Cameron Leigh Phillips recently shared to her Facebook page this weekend.

The proud Memphis, Tennessee mama was left teary-eyed over an unexpected blessing at a local grocery store where she went to pick up a cake for her soon-to-be 3-year-old son, Ridge.

When Cameron went to the bakery section to pick up the cake, the employees told her that it was already paid for, much to her surprise. They explained that a total stranger who comes in every year to pay for someone’s cake had taken care of the bill.

Dying to know more about this beautiful stranger, Cameron opened a card that accompanied the cake, and her heart melted at the heart-throbbing message.

The Memphis mom just had to share the simple yet grand gesture on Facebook, along with a picture of the card from a woman mysteriously referred to as “Drew’s Mom”:

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“Y’all…I went to pick up Ridge’s cake today at Harps. They handed me my cake and proceeded to tell me that the cake was paid for and a lady comes in every year and tells them to choose a cake for her to pay for.

I don’t know who ‘Drew’s mom’ is, but she is such a kind soul. This truly made my day and makes me appreciate my babies more today!

Thank you ‘Drew’s Mom’ for the kind gesture and for opening my eyes a little more today.”

The card read, “Today is my son’s 37th birthday, his 6th one in heaven. In memory of him, I paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make wonderful memories, and hug your baby tight (no matter how old he is!) 🙂 Love, Drew’s Mom.”

With sprinkled donuts, cake, toy trucks, and friends galore, WONDERFUL memories were sure made by beaming little Ridge that day!

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