This Conv!ct Was Sentenced To De*th And What He Asked For His Last Meal….You Won’t Have The Stomach To Digest This.

I am gonna throw up. That is absolutely disgusting!
#7 Doug Stephener

Doug Stephener is a conv!cted pedophile who has committed the most disgusting and barbaric crimes carried out in the most atrocious ways. It was no surprise when Stephener was sentenced to de*th. But it seems Stephener is adamant in his ways even in the face of de*th.


#6 Last Meal

It is well known that all de*th-sentenced conv!cts are given a choice of choosing their last meal. Doug Stephener was given this choice too but everyone regretted it soon after.

Why you ask? Read on!


#5 Very Specific

And Mr. Stephener was very, very specific as to what he wanted. He was so specific about it that he actually wrote in down in detail. Like as though he was ordering something from a burger shop.


#4 No one was prepared…
Absolutely no one was prepared for what this conv!cted pedophile had asked for his last meal. And just when you think de*th was the ultimate teacher….Mr. Stephener proves all of us wrong.

He ordered …..


#3 A Boy!
You read that right folks. Doug Stephener,the conv!cted pedophile who was on de*th sentence asked for a boy as his last meal. And he was pretty specific about what kind of boy he wanted too….


#2 8-Year-old

Doug Stephener after committing a lifetime of crimes against small innocent children had requested an 8-year-old boy for his last meal. And he wasn’t joking folks. He was being punished for the exact same reason. Doug Stephener had eaten children living in his old neighborhood before he was caught.


#1 Application

In the application where conv!cts are supposed to fill out what they want for their last meal, Doug has explicitly written in detail how and what he wanted. Don’t worry the prison refused him his request.

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