Walmart Just Pissed Off A Lot Of People With This New Toy

Not even in their weirdest dreams Walmart would’ve thought that they will have to face so much criticism after launching this toy. Check out why people had problems with this toy.

#2 Walmart

Walmart has always been surrounded by controversies. Recently, we asked you to keep an eye on Your Mail because receiving a check from Walmart can be dangerous. And now, Walmart released this new toy.

There’s nothing wrong in releasing a new toy, but this one in particular faced a lot of criticism by everyone.

The Criticism

Walmart came out with this new toy truck that they launched in the market for kids. They expected people to give them positive feedback about this new product.

But instead of giving a positive feedback, people started criticizing this new toy launched by Walmart.

When I got to know the reason, I started supporting people because they are right.

Keep reading ahead to know the reason.


This Toy

The main reason why people had objection with this new toy truck is because it resembles the trucks that transport animals to slaughter houses, where the animals are killed and processed for food.

According to parents, this toy sends out a very wrong message to their children. A few may argue that a toy is just a toy but others say that a kid learns while playing with his toys.

But these trucks aren’t only used to transport animals to slaughter houses, these trucks are also used to transport livestock that have been sold or shifted to new grazing areas. This is another huge reason behind criticizing the toy.

#1 Walmart’s Response

Along with the parents, even animal rights activists are getting into the action. They argue that the new toy truck not only promotes violence and killing, but it also desensitizes children to violence taken out on animals.

After getting tons of complaints, Walmart decided to pull this toy truck in hopes of calming angry customers. Almost 14 Thousand people signed an online petition demanding the store to stop selling “slaughter trucks.”

Do you think it is not an appropriate toy for kids? Let us know your views about this truck in the comments section below.

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