5 Crazy Riddles That Will Put Your Logic To Test (5 Pics)

The human brain is the real controller of your body and to keep it working you need constant exercise. These puzzles will keep your brain in good shape.

It is known since ages that brain is the controller of the body. In any case, to keep the controller working we have to experience continuous exercises. There are numerous ways where one can prepare the mind and increase its productivity. While the world is discussing diverse exercise for better working for the brain, we have prepared great riddles for you. Your brain will be put to test by these extremely difficult puzzles.

We are opening 5 riddles that you have to solve. The appropriate responses are given also. In any case, since you are here for mind exercise don’t cheat.

Riddle 1

Grandpa was telling his grandson that he was granted a sword stamped with “Granted FOR BRAVERY AND VALOR, A TRUE HERO, WORLD WAR 1” for grabbing the projectile and throwing it off before it was detonated amid the first world war. The grandson instantly recounted that the story wasn’t valid. How could he infer that?

Solution: That was the first ever war and they didn’t know that in future the Second World War will happen. So coherently they can’t name that specific war as World War 1.

Riddle 2

You have an hourglass of 7 minutes and another of 11 minutes. How to time the boiling of an egg for 15 minutes?

Solution: Start the two hourglasses together. Once the sand in 7 minutes gets over begin heating up the egg when the 11 minutes hourglass is finished 4 minutes of bubbling is done and restart the 11 minutes hourglass once more.

Riddle 3

Utilizing following data interpret the secret password of the locked PC. 4 grapes, 1 apple, 7 bananas, 7 mangoes, 2 pineapples, 1 orange and 8 pomegranates.

Solution: The Password is PASSION Each number speaks to the situation of the letter in that word 4 grapes=P 1 apple =A 7 bananas =S 7 mangoes=S 2 pineapples=I 1 orange=O 8 pomegranates=N

Riddle 4

Fill in the clear. Try not to think too hard Andrew is the child of Rita. Rita is the _______ of Andrew’s mom.

Answer: NAME Told you don’t think too hard simply scan for the most reasonable answer!

Riddle 5

Again, ensure you cover every part of the question and after that answer. There is something that girls have 5, but cows have just 4

Solution: Do not blast your head in the wake of knowing the appropriate response. It’s the number of the letters in the spelling.


Did your mind get a real exercise after these riddles? Continue solving such enigmas and give oxygen to your brain.


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