Boston Woman Found Dead On Hiking Trail After First Date With Phoenix Cop She Met Online

Angela Tramonte connected with Dario Dizdar through Instagram, and the two seemed to hit it off. Before meeting in person, they chatted for roughly two months. Angela thought she really made a great connection. Dario, an officer with the Phoenix Police Department, seemed eager to meet Angela.

But their first date took a turn for the worse. The two went hiking in Arizona, and sometime during the hike, Angela died. Her body was found along the trail. Dario’s story as to what happened seems very suspicious.

According to Dario, Angela became overheated halfway through the hike. She wanted to turn around and go home. Dario didn’t, however, and states that they parted ways. Angela’s friends aren’t buying the story and are looking for more closure to figure out what happened.


“As a cop, as a first responder, you’re supposed to help people,” friend Stacey Gerardi said to WBZ Boston. “If somebody’s walking up a mountain and you’re seeing her in distress and she’s not feeling well and she’s exhausted — why wouldn’t you walk her back down?” The trail that Angela was hiking on was notoriously difficult, even for those who enjoy hiking.

“If anybody knew Angela, she wouldn’t go anywhere without a gallon of water in her hand and I heard she was found without any water,” friend Melissa Buttaro added.

While no foul play is suspected, it’s still very strange that Dario would leave her alone when she wasn’t familiar with the area at all.

Angela’s body was found outside of a home. People suspect that she was looking for help, but she just didn’t make it in time. No matter what, Dario’s actions are being viewed negatively — and taking her on a hike in reported 105-degree weather was also a bad choice, especially since Angela wasn’t an active hiker, according to her friends.

Watch the video to learn more about what happened that day.

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