Dad Beat 16-Month-Old To Death Because Mom ‘Disrespected Him’ By Not Getting Abortion

The future of our country lies in the hands of people who beat helpless animals in children – it is scary.
Shaquan Taylor, 19, decided to take out his frustration on his 16-month-old daughter.

In February, Taylor said he felt disrespected by his girlfriend when she didn’t get the abortion he told her to get.

So, he not only hates his girlfriend, Tammy Lewis, but he hates the child he made with her.

Nylah Lewis was be*ten so badly, that she isn’t expected to live.

Taylor at*acked the helpless child, cr*cked her skull and infl!cted bru!ses on other parts of her little body.

Taylor claims to have never wanted a baby.

Ok, so that is easy enough – you don’t want a baby, then you don’t have s*x, or you wear a cond0m.

You don’t tell the woman you just got pregnant to abort the child and then be*t the infant within an inch of her life.

This wasn’t Nylah’s fault, she didn’t ask to be born.

Lewis had apparently left Nylah with Taylor the day she was at*acked.

When Lewis came back, Nylah was covered in bru!ses and having a hard time breathing.

It wasn’t as if Taylor hadn’t thre*tened Nylah before – it is mind boggling to think Lewis thought Nylah would be safe if she was left alone with her biological father.

Taylor even at*acked Lewis as she ran out of the building with Nylah.

He was ar*ested and ch*rged with fe|ony as$ault.

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