Mom Gives Birth To 13.5 Pound Baby: ‘It Looked Like They Pulled A Toddler Out Of My Belly’

Handling a pregnancy can be a pretty difficult affair.

It not only predictably takes a huge toll on the body, but also calls for a lot of increased expenditures!

As the pregnant parent’s body shifts and adjusts to accommodate the growing baby, the clothes and the way one uses one’s furniture changes as well.

After all, not only are your physical dimensions expanding, but your center of gravity has to shift to account for the extra weight too.

Floridian Christine Corbitt and her husband, Larry Corbitt are no strangers to this need to change their lifestyle and habits, after having three other children before this pregnancy.

Corbitt, however, does have to deal with something a little outside the average – her children were born on the heavier side of the scale.

In fact, the large size of her children meant that they were diagnosed with fetal macrosomia.

This is not an alarming diagnosis – rather, it is used to describe babies that weighed over 8 pounds at birth, regardless of their gestational period.

One of her children weighed 9 pounds at birth, and another came close to 10 pounds as well, making the delivery of a larger-than-average newborn easily in the books for this couple.

Based on this history of her previous children both being born under that category, the Corbitts were expecting something similar for this third child.

Christine, in particular, was mentally and physically prepared for the likelihood that the latest addition to the family would probably hit 10 pounds at birth.

A quick look at the photos she provided tells you just how big this baby was going to be – there was no way that belly was going to fit in any maternity dress, no matter how loose!

Due to the health problems Christine was undergoing during this pregnancy – such as healing from a burn that covered twenty-seven percent of her body, gestational diabetes, and being anemic – doctors decided to push forward the baby’s delivery about five days, from May 20th or 21st to May 15th.

The baby was delivered via C-section at Orange Park Medical Center.

It was soon quickly proven during the pregnancy that the decision to have an early delivery was a wise one – not only were Christine’s iron levels so low she was forced to have three bl00d transfusions during the procedure, the baby proved to be massive!

Weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds, this baby was so large that everyone in the operating room was completely shocked.

Both doctors and mother kept exclaiming how there seemed to be no end in sight as they pulled out the newborn baby.

After the baby had been properly delivered and weighed, there was a sort of hushed awe in the room.

Carleigh Brooke Corbitt blew all expectations out of the water, appearing as if she was already 6 months old at birth.

Given she was born premature, doctors and parents alike suspect the baby could have easily reached 15 pounds had she been delivered on her due date!

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