Mom Got Life In Prison For Allowing Her Drug Dealer To Have Sex With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

A woman from Ohio named April Corcoran had sold her 11 year-old daughter into s*x traf*icking for hero!n.
The 32 year-old mother had admitted to her cr!me when she was caught and was sentenced to 51 years in pr!son.

Ohio Judge, Leslie Ghiz, had stated that this was one of the worst cases she had presided in.

Apparently, April’s dr*g dealer was a pedophile. So to make her daughter look more appealing, she had made her daughter look younger than her actual age.

The dealer named Shandell Willingham, pleaded gu!lty after the authorities found several homemade  s*x tapes that involved April’s daughter.
April had already sold her daughter four times in order to get her next supply of hero!n.

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