Pregnant Mom Delivers Second Baby With Dwarfism Who Makes A Miracle Recovery In Delivery Room

Laura and Nathan Phillips have different types of dwarfism. The UK couple famously welcomed their first child in 2014.

Nathan Jr. was born the only “double dwarf” in the UK. This medical phenomenon means he has both of his parent’s dwarfism, which is a very rare occurrence.

The family of three was dubbed “Britain’s Shortest Family,” and despite the odds stacked against him, Nathan Jr. has grown into a happy and healthy little boy.

It wasn’t long before Laura and Nathan became pregnant with their second child, but it was uncertain if he would also be a double dwarf like his older brother.

Jax was born in September 2018 — but as you’re about to see, things took a pretty scary turn inside the delivery room. It was a bit touch-and-go after Jax arrived.

Because of the anesthesia Laura received during labor, Jax was born very tired and couldn’t breathe on his own. The medical team actually had to resuscitate him, then treat Jax for jaundice and various infections.

Thankfully, this amazing baby boy proved to be a miracle… and doctors revealed he was born with achondroplasia only, meaning he’s following in his mother’s footsteps.

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