Foot fungus

As we well know,  the skin is one of the largest organs in our body  and taking care of it is our responsibility, if not, you could suffer terrible conditions, which could turn into serious diseases such as skin cancer. On this occasion, the story of  David Contreras will leave you a bit impressed, since, according to him, he is paying the consequences of not treating an athlete’s foot fungus in time.

View a picture of Fungal Nail Infection and learn more about Diabetes and  Foot Problems.

Later you will have at your disposal the complete video to see how the treatment was carried out. As we said at the beginning,  the testimony of David Contreras is quite strong , since, due to the lack of personal hygiene methods, his feet were affected by the strong fungus called athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection that deepens over time.

Pimples on the skin

Severe nail infection