Boy Immediately Calls Cop On The House Where He Had Delivered The Pizza.

For Joey Grundl, it was just another typical day of delivering pizzas for Domino’s in Waldo, Wisconsin. Then he made a delivery stop at a house and rang the bell. A man answered the door and was paying for the pizza when Joey noticed a middle-aged woman behind him. She had a black eye and mouthed to him to call the police. Well he could immediately tell she was in a great deal of distress. But Joey knew he couldn’t do anything too quickly to tip off the man that he knew the woman was in trouble. So he acted very nonchalant about the transaction. The minute he got back into his car, he called the police.

Inside Edition

When officers arrived, the man, identified as Dean Hoffman, initially tried to block the doorway, but eventually, he let the officers inside. Police could quickly see that the woman was hurt and they got her to a hospital for treatment. They also ar*ested Hoffman.

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The 57-year-old woman told police that she and Hoffman started dating a few years ago and moved in together. When they broke up last year and she moved into another house, he came over and secretly entered her home. When she confronted him and told him to leave, he refused. When she tried to call the police, he grabbed the phone away from her and dr*gged her upstairs. While doing so, he pulled her hair and r!pped her shirt. He sh0ved her into the stairs. When she hit him in the gr0in and tried to escape, he punched her in the face. When they were upstairs, he tied her hands and feet with a vacuum cleaner cord and stuffed a towel in her mouth. Later, she somehow managed to convince him to untie her and take her back downstairs. Soon after that, he ordered a pizza and Joey showed up… to pretty much rescue the woman.

Because of his heroic deed, he was interviewed on TV. In one of the sh0ts, he was wearing a hoodie from Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour. When fans spotted that, they immediately let Taylor Swift know about it, and Joey was asked to attend one of her upcoming concerts and invited backstage to meet with her.

Not a bad deal at all for a guy who did the right thing…while delivering pizzas.


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