Bus Driver Stops To Grab Elderly Blind Man Alone At Bus Stop Not Realizing He’s Being Filmed

On the surface, Gene Hubbard’s story doesn’t seem that remarkable. Like many commuters, he takes the bus to work and back each day.

However, Gene is anything but an ordinary commuter. At 69 years old, Gene is blind due to complications from diabetes.

He normally doesn’t have a problem negotiating his way to and from his bus stop. He’s taken the same route to his office nearly every day for 20 years.

Recent construction in the area changed the situation. With cones and barrels set up, the path turned into a maze.

The path became treacherous to navigate. Without his typical landmarks to keep him on track, Gene’s trip to work became a struggle.

One day, something amazing and generous happened to change that.

As Gene got ready to leave the bus, the driver pulled over.

Though Thaddaus Turner had a bus full of people and a route to finish, he stopped everything to take Gene’s arm and lead him to safety.

His main concern was helping Gene, despite the line of cars waiting for the bus to move.

Touched by the young man’s actions, one of the passengers took out a phone and recorded the moment.

The best part?

Thaddaus wasn’t scheduled to work that route. He was filling in for someone else that day.

Gene was grateful for the thoughtful action. He says that many of the bus drivers he’s encountered have gone the extra mile for him over the years.

Thaddaus claims that he was just happy to help.

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