Hobby Lobby Shopper Cries When She Sees Pregnant Stranger’s ‘Rainbow Baby’ Shirt

Two total strangers happened to lock eyes while shopping at their local Hobby Lobby craft store in Arkansas.

Autumn Tolliver Safley was 30 weeks pregnant at the time. The avid kickboxer was wearing a black T-shirt with a colorful graphic covering her baby bump. She had found the shirt lying at the bottom of her closet that morning and decided she was finally going to wear it. Good thing she did.

While the store, Courtney Mixon couldn’t help but notice Autumn’s maternity tee. Autumn could tell that the female stranger standing in front of her was instantly touched by the real meaning behind the shirt’s rainbow graphic.

“We made eye contact,” Autumn said, “and she had these big ole tears in her eyes, and I walked over to her.”

Courtney gathered the courage to ask Autumn if she could snap a photo of her, right there in the aisle.

“I know what your shirt means…” she said.

Watch the video below to see why the now-viral photo sparked a meaningful conversation on Facebook, with tens of thousands of comments and shares.

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