Honor Student Gets Suspended, Banned From Graduation And Almost Arrested For Wearing This Shirt

We all have our unique style.
One high school student with a 4.4 GPA and several scholarships decided to wear a low-cut style shirt and was actually banned from attending her own graduation.

There were no words on the shirt, nothing offensive, but the principal at Hickory Ridge High in Harrisburg, North Carolina found it offensive.

The principal had a security guard present when the student, Summer, was given an ultimatum – she could either change her shirt or go to jail! Wow!

A little extreme, take a look at the shirt – can you find a reason she would have to change?

Summer simply refused and ended up getting suspended for insubordination!
Take a look at this video

She cannot go to any of the end of the year events either! I would love to see the school’s dress code policy.

If Summer can’t wear this shirt, what can she wear?

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