Mom Takes Entitled Son Shopping At Goodwill After He Makes Fun Of Classmates Who Shop There

Many parents have no idea how to deal with bul|ying.

Whether it’s their child getting bu|lied or their child who’s the bu|ly, they’re at a loss.
One Georgia woman knew exactly what her young son needed when she caught him picking on others.

Cierra Forney caught her 13-year-old making fun of schoolmates who have less than him.

He taunted and teased them for shopping at bargain stores like Goodwill.

It broke Cierra’s heart but it also made her angry.

She didn’t want her son to have that kind of entitled attitude or mean spirit.

She took to Facebook to explain what she’d done to teach him a valuable lesson about kindness and humility.
Cierra took her son to Goodwill with 20 dollars — of his own money — in his pocket.

Once there, she had him pick out clothes to wear for the next week at school.

Even though he cried and complained, she stuck to her g*ns.

Cierra made it clear that he was stuck wearing whatever he managed to find there, and he was stuck wearing it for the entire week.

She went on to say that she wants her children to grow up knowing that it’s not okay to bu|ly or belittle people.

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