This Is The 6-Year-Old Boy Who Was Beheaded Because Of His Mother’s Religion

During the time that President Trump was speaking to Saudi Arabian rulers, a child was behe*ded.

The poor little on lost their life for something that was out of his control. The six-year-old was behe*ded because of the religion that his mother followed.

The child was taken from a taxi and dr*g into the street. His mother was forced to watch as he was behe*ded.

The e*ecution was held by a taxi driver located in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Zakaria al-Jaber lost his life because his mother’s religion. She practiced a sect of Islam.

Reports show that the mom was asked if she was Shia just before Zakaria was e*ecuted.

Zakaria and his mother took a taxi for travel to the shrine located in Medina. This is where they planned to worship the Prophet Muhammad.

When the car drove up, he was took out of the car. The taxi driver dr*g Zakaria into a coffee shop which was located in a bad part of town in Medina.

This is when the driver grabbed a glass bottle and broke it creating a shard of glass.

This was the we*pon he used to cut the boy’s throat and st*b him over and over.

The boy’s mom and a police officer that happened to be nearby tried to stop the driver but they just weren’t able to. He was too strong and overpowered them.

Sajid Hussain seeks justice for her son. She has reached out on Twitter to let others know of her situation.

She even went as far as to describe her situation with the words “smallest coffins are the heaviest”.

Twitter users are backing her and feel that what she is going through isn’t ok.

The taxi driver’s identity is unknown even though the occurrence took place in the middle of the day. It’s unknown if he was even taken in for questioning.

Shia Rights Watch believe that the at*ack was a pure act of “sec~tarian v!olence.”

The SRW stand together and support Sajid and her family as they mourn.

They have indicated this m*rder as a result of a v!olation and poor lack of protection by the authority towards the population that is made up of Shia practicers.

What do you think should be done in response to this specific v!olent act?

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