Wedding Photographer Refuses Refund After Bride Dies In Car Crash, Then Mocks The Groom

Justin Montney of Colorado was engaged to marry the love of his life, Alexis Wyatt.

The excited couple hired a Texas-based videography company to capture their big day. They signed a contract with the company and put down an $1,800 deposit.

But before their nuptials, Alexis d!ed in a car crash at the age of 22.

The de*th was shocking, sudden, and dev*stating. Justin was tasked with picking up the pieces of their broken wedding plans while mourning the loss of his love.

A few weeks later, Justin emailed the videography company to tell them there would be no wedding. He explained the trag!c circumstances and asked if he could get his refund back for the $1,800 deposit.

The company said no, and that his deposit was nonrefundable, as is “the industry standard.”

While Justin says his other vendors were understanding about the cancellation in the midst of his gr!ef, this particular company took their refund refusal a step further.

When the heartbroken husband-to-be kept trying to get his money back (and took his story public when he couldn’t), the company reportedly began thre*tening to suee him.

Then the company created a website using his name — and that’s where the story takes an even more troubling turn.

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