YouTube Mom Deletes Her Channel After Being Caught Forcing Her 9-Year-Old To Cry On Camera

While the internet and social media have provided many of us with so many good things, like the ability to stay in touch with loved ones no matter where we are, there is also a dark side to the entire experience.

The rise of the social media mom influencer was born out of the world of blogs and websites created and authored by moms. As social media developed, the transition was natural — many of these moms were already supporting their families by publishing details of their lives with their kids on a website anyway, and platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram make it too easy to keep growing.

Last year, many people were stunned by the story of Myka Stauffer, who “rehomed” her son Huxley after his autism became too much for her to deal with. This week, YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne is stunning people in a similar way.

Up until recently, Jordan Cheyenne ran a wildly popular YouTube channel where she shared parenting content, diet tips, and beauty regimens. Her YouTube channel had over half a million subscribers and her Instagram boasted over 100,000.

Everything was going great for Jordan until she accidentally published a video in which she’s clearly coaching her young son on how to cry for the camera (and the social media audience). In the video, Jordan explains that the family’s puppy might have a disease that could kill him.

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