11-Month-Old Baby ‘Clinging Onto Life’ After Accidentally Falling Into Boiling Water

An 11-month old baby fell into scalding water and is barely holding onto his life.
This occurred due to a mother’s horr!fic error. Her mistake led to her baby to suffer from intense burns almost from head to toe.

Tetyana typically enjoys bath time with her son as a daily routine. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Her usual process is to fill a bucket with boiling water and then bring it into the bedroom for her son.

Usually, she’d mix the extremely hot water with cold water to reach a desirable temperature for her son.

All it took were mere seconds for her son to fall into the scalding water. He was playing on the table above the bucket of hot water.
As soon as she recognized her son had fallen into the water she rushed to save him.

She immediately embraced the !njured boy and unwittingly wrapped him in a cloth made of cotton. As she unwrapped the cloth away from him, his skin began to pee| along with it.

Daniil was sent at once to an Odesa hospital. 80% of his body had intense burns. The hot water only spared his toes, fingers, and forehead.

Doctors have noted their doing their best, but do not want to bring up the survival rate for undergoing such a tr*umatic ordeal.

Nurses at the hospital have stated that his voice has started to cause him pain since he is constantly scre*ming out in pa!n.

The head of the hospital stated that the boy is undergoing the best treatment possible regarding the intensity of the situation.

Tetyana has been completely dev*stated by her mistake. She now no longer leaves his side. She has yet to forgive herself for what Daniil is currently undergoing.

Police have agreed with her assessment that it was an unintentional mistake. However dea*dly it was.

Many parents are able to sympathize with her. They understand that you can’t always give complete attention to your children.

Our prayers are for Tetyana and her son.

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