Grieving parents take their own lives after their son dies of brain cancer

The moment we welcome that tiny bundle of joy in the world, our lives change completely. They become our reason to live and laugh and even the thought of ever losing them terrifies us and breaks our hearts.

Sadly, life can be cruel at times, and saying the last goodbye to their child is an unbearable pain and struggle many parents go through.
Grieving mom and dad from Romania who lost their little son to brain cancer couldn’t put up with the pain and took their own lives. Their sad story touches us to the core.

The lifeless bodies of the parents whose names were not revealed were found by a neighbor in their apartment in Constanta, Romania. After a case was opened, the prosecutor said it was a suicide.
The mom’s body was found next to her son’s, and the father’s was in the kitchen.
Before they took their own lives, the parents wrote a letter in which they described their life after their son was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. They spoke of the struggles, the stress, and the unbearable grief.

Little Cristian’s mom wrote of her son’s exhausting fight with the disease on the blog she once ran.

“I felt like I was dying myself when I heard the diagnosis. I can’t express the pain that two parents feel when finding such terrible news about their child. He was only two years old.“

Christian’s condition got worse over time.

“Our only hope that Cristian is a lucky child and the tumour will stop growing is now shattered. The thought that every moment could be fatal, it drives me crazy.“

We are so sad that the little boy lost his life. We are equally sorry for the lives of his parents who did all in their power to help their boy but failed and that brought them to their own death.Ken just showed us all that even a tiny little gesture can have a lasting and profound effect on someone. Sammie feels confident about her parenting with Rylan, something that most mothers really strive hard to achieve.Now, MacGraw is 81, and O’Neal is 79. We are happy both actors are doing great nowadays and we are forever grateful to them for giving us the iconic movie Love Story and the classic line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry!”

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