Wife was in the middle of texting deployed husband about premature twins, then he shows up

There are very few things more heartwarming than seeing our veterans come home to their families. More than one tear has been shed over an emotion-packed surprise reunion – and Cydney and Skyler Cooper’s is no different.


Ok, it’s a little different – because Cydney had spent her entire pregnancy and the premature delivery of her twins without her husband only to have him walk in the door of the NICU while she was texting him about their newborns.

If you can resist breaking down in tears when she sees his face for the first time in months, we salute you.


The Coopers made headlines back in February after Cydney’s Facebook post showing their sweet reunion went viral with over 20,000 shares.

People were in awe of all she had been through. Cydney went into labor with daughters Emma and Kyla on Jan. 24 after catching the flu, requiring an emergency C-section. She was also caring for her two toddlers, ages 1 and 3, at her Kansas home while going back and forth to the hospital to check on her two premie infants.

The 27-year-old mother was rocking one of the babies at a Topeka hospital on February 5th when she began texting her husband, Staff Sgt. Skyler Cooper, a soldier in the Kansas Army National Guard who had been serving in Kuwait.

As she finished a text, he slipped into the room with flowers and a balloon – she could hardly believe her eyes when she looked up and saw his face.

“I had been holding on by a thread. I saw him, and it just all went away. I got super overwhelmed, but I was also relieved. And incredibly happy. It was just pure shock,” she told the Washington Post.

It was her mother-in-law and the nurses who set up the camera that recorded the moment – they all knew about Sgt. Cooper’s surprise return.

“It is fantastic,” she told 13 NEWS. “This nurses and his mom are actually who orchestrated the whole surprise I was texting him…and they had known the entire time he was out in the waiting area.”

Sgt. Cooper had never even seen his wife pregnant with their twins – he was already on a plane when she called to tell him she was expecting.

Her post read:

“1 year of crazy, 1000s of miles, 1 solo pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheros, a few plane rides, 12 NICU days, tons of help from family and friends, and many tears later…. A soldier came home,” along with videos of her husband’s surprise.

While the footage of the two parents seeing each other for the first time in months had over 9.7 million views on Facebook, Cooper also shared the moment her husband reunited with sons Leighton and Corbett as well as the family’s dog Lucy. (Wow, Cydney had A LOT to take care of while she was pregnant with those twins!)

As you might imagine, Lucy displayed the least amount of chill while welcoming her dad home. Dogs can always be trusted to be the most excited.

The Coopers have told the media that both girls are home and doing well and that Sgt. Cooper is now home for good.

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