19-Year-Old Mom Arrested In Baby’s Death After Falling Asleep In The Tub While Holding Him

An incredibly sad situation occurred last month in Georgia when a 10-month-old baby drowned in a bathtub. The 19-year-old mother was bathing with her infant son when she reportedly fell asleep. Now she’s being charged with her own baby’s m*rder.

Police believe that the mother, Anslie Nicole Brantley, was on dr*gs at the time of her child’s de*th. Not only is she being charged with second-degree m*rder, she will face crue|ty charges, as well.

The horr!fic inc!dent took place at Brantley’s mother’s home on July 9. Brantley reportedly awoke in the tub to find the baby unresponsive, according to her mother, who heard scre*ms coming from the bathroom and ran in to see what was going on.


Brantley’s mother, Kelli Gordon, said that her daughter and grandson had been in the tub for a long time, so she tried to check on them. But that was where her efforts stopped. She told investigators that she couldn’t make out her daughter’s mumbled replies, so she “went back to watching TV.”


She said that a while later, she heard scre*ms coming from the bathroom. Her daughter was holding the baby, saying he couldn’t breathe. She asked her mother what she should do. Gordon says she started trying to resusc!tate the child, but he was cold and blue.


Gordon has also been ar*ested on narcotics possession charges. Authorities found meth*mphetamine in the home, which she owns. Five of Gordon’s other children were placed in the custody of child welfare officials following her ar*est.


The police report stated that police believed Brantley had taken dr*gs. When they searched the home, they found meth*mphetamine. The deputy tried to talk with her, but she reportedly was “sitting in a chair with only a towel wrapped around her crying” and “not in a state where she was willing to speak.”


The inc!dent is incredibly sad on so many levels. It points to, of course, the dangers of dr*g add!ction, but also bathtub safety. Nearly 90 children d!e in bathtubs in their own homes each year. Those tr*gedies are almost always preventable.


Brantley remains in custody and has been denied bond. Authorities are still awaiting t0xicology results for Brantley and her son. Gordon reportedly remains in custody, as well, on charges unrelated to the de*th of her grandchild.

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