Doctors Find A Growth In Baby’s Stomach, Discover The Same Thing In Twin Sister

Having twins is both exciting and scary at the same time!

Alissa and Michael Dunn had twin girls and named them Isabella and Madeline.

When the girls were two months old, they went for a routine checkup that left everyone without words.

Madeline’s stomach was really swollen, and the doctor was immediately concerned.

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Madeline was diagnosed with cancer, and she was just two months old!

To add insult to misery, Isabella soon started to show signs just like Madeline.

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The sisters had identical tumors in their tiny bodies, and it was a rare form of c*ncer called Stage 4S Neuroblastoma.

The doctors were not certain if either girl would survive.

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Madeline and Isabella were given chemotherapy to start their treatments.

The girls were separated for the first chemotherapy treatment.

Madeline and Isabella got really ill after that treatment – Alissa and Michael were heartbroken.

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During the second round of chemotherapy, the girls were put back together, and they seemed to perk up a bit, they smiled again when they saw each other.

As the weeks passed, both girls improved.

Once the treatments were done, they had an MRI done to see if the cancer was still there.

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The family got the news just two weeks before Christmas – both girls were c*ncer free!

What an amazing gift!

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Watch the video below to see Madeline and Isabella seven years later!

They have both grown up and are happy and healthy!

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