Mom needs prayers after boyfriend ‘shows his love’ by leaving her daughter in coma

Sadly, even in the year of 2020, many people fall victims to domestic violence. This time, one heartbroken mother is sharing her daughter’s story and asks people to keep her in their prayers. By speaking out loud about this issue many face, we may raise awareness and encourage everyone who is quietly suffering to fight for themselves, turn their abusers to the authorities, and seek shelter.

Cindy Martin-Wolfe wants everyone to know of the dangers of violence within the family. Speaking to Love What Matters, she shared how her daughter Jessica was strangled by her abusive boyfriend and after doctor’s tried to get her heart beat again many times, she was revived but couldn’t breath on her own.
The poor woman ended up in coma and fighting for her life.

“I am at the San Francisco Trauma Hospital with my middle daughter, Jessica,” Cindy explained. “She is in intensive care on life support as a result of Domestic Violence.”

She then continued: “They will slowly warm her up while monitoring her brain. When possible, they will slowly wake her to see how much damage has been done. This is how her ‘boyfriend’, shows her he loves her.

“He is on the run; her children are in CPS custody. I will go to court to get them on Friday. Our family is devastated, waiting to see if we will have our beautiful lady back.“

“We all must do more together.

“We must stop this horror.“
And yes, that is exactly what every society has to do.
“Please keep Jessica, and our family in prayers. Thank you all from my heart to yours,” Cindy finished.

“I am sharing pictures of her to be shared with any girls who may be dealing with this or headed in this direction. She would want to show them what they are facing.

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