Tran-sgender Man Gives Birth To Baby Boy, Says He Won’t Repeat Due To Fear Of Ab*se From Strangers

Wyley Simpson is a 28-year-old tran-sgender man. The Texas-based individual was 21 when he first began testosterone therapy to start his transition.
His periods stopped shortly after, and he was informed by doctors that he wouldn’t ever become pregnant.

But in the February of 2018, Wyley and his fiancé, Stephen Gaeth, also 28, received sh0cking news.

Wyley was pregnant, and he and Stephen were going to have a baby.

At the time, Wyley had gone through top surgery to remove his bre*sts, but had not undergone gender reassignment surgery, meaning he retained the reproductive organs and gen!tals he was born with as someone assigned female at birth.

It was a difficult situation for Stephen and Wyley to come to terms with, but they ultimately made the decision to keep the baby. This meant that Wyley had to carry his baby to term.
Throughout this entire time, he was constantly judged, ab*sed, hated, and hara$sed by those who saw him, as others took one look at him and saw a pregnant man – something many considered a complete abom!nation.

Wyley and Stephen suf*ered through those months, and Wyley bore a lot of emotional burden.

He began being referred to as “it” and was told he would never be a true man. Plus, the fact that he couldn’t bre*st-feed drew even more crit!cism.

But he’d always wanted to have a child one day – he just didn’t expect that it would happen now, and as a “natural” pregnancy instead of through adoption.

So, believing that he and Stephen would make it through, they decided to go for it.

There was another difficult aspect to the decision to carry the baby to turn. It meant Wyley had to go off his testosterone treatments for the first time in 6 years.

He was terrified of how it would affect him physically and men-tally.

Throughout those months, seeing a pregnancy bump felt very feminine to Wyley, and it messed with his head and caused dys-phoria for him.

Meanwhile, Stephen hadn’t expected to become a father at that time by any means.
But after some unsureness, and a lot of communication, he did everything he could to get ready for their baby.

Wyley gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Rowan Fox in the September of 2018. He underwent an emergency C-section to do so.

It took a while to adjust to everything, but Wyley was soon back on testosterone and feeling good about himself again.

Instead of being the pregnant man, he started being seen as the ga-y partner to his fiancé again, and he started being a father.

It definitely took some adjustment, but Wyley says Rowan is absolutely amazing and made those difficult months 100% worth it.

With that being said, though he loves his son to pieces, Wyley knows he would never want to go through pregnancy ever again.

It was great for him to feel Rowan’s k!cking, to go to scans and see his baby boy, and to go on that journey, but he knows he couldn’t do it again.

For now, he and Stephen are busy being wonderful fathers to their steadily growing son, who is so lucky to have two amazing dads in his life!

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