Bindi Irwin’s ‘Awful’ Instagram Post About Daughter Leaves Fans Furious

Bindi Irwin recently shared a video on her Instagram, but it’s left some fans furious.

Scroll on to see the video for yourself…

Now, we all know Bindi Irwin as the daughter of the late Steve Irwin…

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And fans of the Irwin family from all around the world have taken joy in the last decade seeing Bindi follow in her father’s footsteps by working tirelessly at the family’s Australia Zoo with her mom Terr! and brother Robert.

Bindi is married to Chandler Powell, who she met in 2013.

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The pair met when Chandler, who’s now twenty-five, was visiting the zoo while in Australia for a professional wakeboarding competition from the United States.

They have now been together for over 8 years and amazingly so, American-born Chandler exhibits the same passion for animals as the Irwins and he now works with Bindi and her family at Australia Zoo.

Well, 2 years ago, the pair decided to take their commitment to one another a step further.

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On March 25th, 2020, Bindi and Chandler finally said their “I do’s” and became husband and wife.

The couple looked gorgeous, too.

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“We held a small ceremony and I married my best friend. There are no words to describe the amount of love and light in my heart right now. We’ve planned this beautiful day for nearly a year and had to change everything, as we didn’t have guests at our wedding. This was a very difficult decision but important to keep everyone safe. We wish all of our friends and family could have been there with us, however, it’s lovely that we will be able to share photos and videos,” Bindi wrote on Instagram.

They got married in a secluded location where Steve used to regularly film and Bindi opened up about how she honored her late dad on her special day…

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Speaking to People, Bindi said: “Where we got married was such a special place to dad. It’s a beautiful little area where he had filmed for many years. It felt really wonderful and just meant to be. We had dad’s picture with his dog Sui blown up on an easel, so mom and Robert were standing right next to dad as we exchanged vows. We had a candle-lighting ceremony for him, and it really felt like he was there with us. It was a lovely moment of peace and happiness.”

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And for another special touch, she even kept her surname as a legacy to her dad.

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Speaking to ET, Bindi said: “I’ve kept Bindi Irwin. I think that for me personally, after dad [Steve Irwin] passed away it was really important for me to feel close to him, and having his last name means so much to me.”

And just 5 months on from their wedding…

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The couple came forward with yet another exciting announcement.

Bindi took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her and Chandler holding up a miniature khaki shirt…

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Alongside the caption: “Baby Wildlife Warrior due 2021. Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting! It’s an honor to share this special moment in our lives with you.

“Though I’m still in my first trimester, we really want you to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter.

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“We couldn’t wait to share the news as this beautiful little being has become the most important part of our lives. Your support means the world to us. Please let me know your best advice and send good vibes & prayers to our little sweetheart. Love & light.”

Bindi’s mom, Terr!, expressed her joy also.

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She also noted, “I wish that Steve was here to share this beautiful moment, I know that he would be so proud.”

And a few weeks later, she then revealed that they were expecting a baby girl!

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Posing with an up-to-date sonogram next to a huge tortoise munching on some pink flowers, Bindi wrote: “Baby girl, you are our world. Our beautiful daughter is now about the same size as a hatchling Aldabra tortoise and is as healthy as can be. We can’t wait for her arrival next year.”

And as for the bump?

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Well, Bindi at first remained fairly private when it came to revealing her growing bump and she would only tease pictures that would show a slight silhouette.

But in the last few months of her pregnancy, she decided to start revealing her growing body to her fans…

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And she even decided to stage the sweetest photosho0t that recreated a photo that Terr! and Steve took when they were expecting Robert more than seventeen years ago.

Well, last March their wait finally came to an end…

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As it was announced that Bindi and Chandler welcomed their daughter into the world.

Bindi delivered a healthy baby girl…

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And taking to Instagram to announce the news, she wrote: “March 25, 2021. Celebrating the two loves of my life. Happy first wedding anniversary to my sweetheart husband and day of birth to our beautiful daughter. Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light. Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s. Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior. Her last name is Powell and she already has such a kind soul just like her dad. There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl. She chose the perfect day to be born and we feel tremendously blessed.”

Robert then took to Instagram to express his joy over being an uncle…

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“Let the uncle adventures begin! Love you so much, Grace. This little one picked the 2 best parents in the entire world. The most incredible, caring, and strong Mum… and the funniest, coolest and kindest Dad. Love you 3 so much – I can’t wait for this exciting journey ahead!” he wrote.

We can only imagine how amazing it has been for the mom and dad…

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But, no matter how amazing it is, it’s also very difficult.

As Bindi revealed it’s “dev*stating” becoming a parent without her dad, Steve.

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In a new show, Crikey! It’s a Baby, Bindi opened up about how her daughter, Grace, will never get to meet her grandfather.

“It’s hard knowing that she’ll never get to actually meet (my dad), and it’s dev*stating because I’ll never get to watch that connection.”

“But I cannot wait to be able to tell beautiful Grace all of these stories about Dad, to be able to share with her what an amazing father he was,” she said.

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“It’s gonna be really special for her to know him through us… to tell her about what an amazing man he was.

“It is really hard, it’s hard that he’s not here because out of everyone in the world he would’ve loved her the most,” she added, “He would’ve loved her so much, but I think, in a way, he is still with us… “His heart and soul lives on in all of us, so he’s never really gone.”

But nevertheless, Bindi and Chandler have been loving their lives as parents…

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And to mark her first Mother’s Day, Bindi shared the most stunning artwork showing Steve holding baby grace… and fans have been left truly touched.

Created by Debb Oliver, a digital artist, the art shows the family surrounding Steve who is holding baby Grace.

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“Celebrating my first Mother’s Day. This day embod!es the extraordinary gift of family. Thank you to ‘The Monkey Brush’ for bringing my family and Chandler’s together in these stunning works of art,” Bindi wrote on Instagram.
“I wish we could all be together but sometimes life has other plans. ❤️ To my beautiful daughter, always know that you are loved beyond description.”

And it seems that although Steve isn’t there physically, he is still very much an influential part of their lives, including baby Grace.

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Bindi’s latest post shows just how much of a mark Steve has left.

She took to Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a video of Grace pointing to a photo of her late grandpa, and fans are heartbroken.

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Some took to social media to share their thoughts on the sweet clip…

One Instagram user wrote: “I did not want to cry today this is so cute.”

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While another commented: “Oh my goodness Bindi this is beyond special! Grace Warrior’s connection and love for your dad is so evident! This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My heart is so full from this pure and loving moment. Thank you for sharing this with all of us..”

Bindi captioned the post: “We have a little construction going on to make our Tasmanian devil habitat @australiazoo even more beautiful. Grace’s favorite part? Visiting Grandpa Crocodile. All the love.”

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However, not everyone is impressed by her video.

Some have shared their outr*ge at Bindi over seemingly forgetting about her own grandfather, Robert ‘Bob’ Irwin.

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Now, Bindi doesn’t have the best relationship with her grandpa, but despite this, fans were quick to pick apart her recent post.

Many commented asking about Bob, with one Facebook user writing: “What about great grandpa sick of the Irwins.”

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Another wrote: “What about BOB??? Ask ya Mum.”

Now, Bob has been estranged from the family since his departure from Australia Zoo, shortly after Steve’s de*th.

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He revealed in an interview for Australian Story in 2008: “I just felt that it was better for everybody concerned if I left Australia Zoo and Judy and I and all our friends were able to continue Steve’s work the way I believe it should be done.”

He added: “The problem I had was that the management and I didn’t agree on certain aspects of Australia Zoo after Steve’s passing … because most times I went into Australia Zoo, I would have a different sort of opinion with somebody … or I may have an idea and it would not be listened to.”

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Since leaving the zoo, it has been al|eged he stopped speaking to Terr!, Bindi, and Robert altogether.

Bindi also confirmed this during the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA) in 2015.

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Revealing: “When my dad passed away, [Bob] chose to distance himself from everything that Dad loved the most.”

She shared at the time that they were “just respecting his wishes because he hasn’t had anything to do with us for a long time, and he decided to take his own path. That’s important, so good for him.

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“There was one year where we sent birthday presents to him and he opened them up and he sent them back.”

Sadly, it seems the rift is still there.

You can watch her Instagram video below.

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