Text Messages Reveal How Teacher Allegedly Lured Teen Student Into Sex

Text messages exchanged between a former Goodyear school teacher and her former student show how she coerced him into sexual interactions, according to police reports released recently.

Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old who was teaching sixth-grade classes at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School during the time of these assaults, sent multiple texts to her 13-year-old victim when Zamora was not in school.

Zamora and the student in question first began interacting in a classroom group chat titled “Class Craft”, which she would use to inform students that she would not be able to get to class that day and asked them to all text her individually, presumably to inform them of class work.

The victim’s messages with Zamora, however, soon escalated into flirtatious exchanges.

According to the victim’s statements to detectives, he wasn’t sure how the situation got out of hand, but that he eventually began receiving messages from his married teacher that expressed that she loved him.

She would also prompt him to reply similarly to her.

In one message, Zamora told the student that he was cute and called him “baby”, saying she wished he could have stayed with her.

The teenager then responded saying he wished they could hang out anytime they wanted to.

Zamora’s purported victim informed police that he had a minimum of four sexual encounters with Zamora that took place in February and March.

This included oral sex in a classroom and sex in Zamora’s car twice after Zamora called him in the middle of the night to meet him.

The pair also exchanged nude photographs.

Prior to any sexual assaults occurring, three female students took it upon themselves to reach out to the school principal in a letter, saying they noticed odd interactions between Zamora and her teenage victim.

Principal Tim Dickey said he only spoke to one of the three concerned students and admitted to police officers that his lack of action was a mistake.

These letters arrived at the principal’s office on the 7th of February.

Nine days after the teenagers wrote to the principal, the first sexual assault took place on the 16th of February.

These interactions went on for a few weeks until the allegedly assaulted student’s parents began to catch wind that something was wrong.

The victim’s parents became suspicious when they noticed odd behavior from their son, and they decided to set up a parental control phone application on his smartphone.

This is how they discovered that inappropriate messages were being exchanged between Zamora and their son.

They confronted their son and he admitted that he had engaged in sex with his teacher.

Zamora then called the student’s parents to apologize, saying she would resign from her school position.

However, she could not provide a concrete answer as to why these assaults occurred and claimed she didn’t know how it escalated so quickly.

She also said she did not want to say anything that would incriminate her and have her be thrown in jail for life.

The call was recorded by the victim’s parents.

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