People Being Shameless AF: Tinder Edition

Tinder is where shame goes to die. This is a collection of some of the strangest, thirstiest bios and messages from the online dating app, Tinder

She knows her strengths and she knows her weaknesses.

Laura is placing a lot of flags, most of them red.

Leaha knows how to paint a picture

Honesty is the most important thing.

Girl has dreams and she’s not afraid to reach for them.

Carl knows how to write a resume.

Ali has simple tastes

Woman on a mission. Get ’em Angelica.

Erin knows what’s up

Robin wants the numbers, not your number.

Amee is killing two birds with one stone.

Louis said, “Here, hold my red flag.”


Katie keeps it short and to the point.

Adrienne wants your soul and there’s only one way to get it.


Do you think Emily may be coming on a bit strong?

Aurora has cracked the code.

She’s playing UNO reverse cards

That’s one way to do it

Lucia won’t let her limitations stop her

Brianny everyone feels a certain type of way about STD’s

We have a winner folks!

TBH we’d like to match with Danny Devito instead

Like a champ

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Chip Gaines and his family for their tragic loss

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