Pimples on the skin

The  pimples  and  blackheads  are one of the most unpleasant things that we can shame if visible on our faces, in many cases a good appearance without the presence of these unsightly entities are synonymous with good hygiene, in most The cases these affections to call them in some way are a consequence of the bad eating habits that we can have in our daily diet, many times we usually eat foods that are high in fat, which are the main culprits of the unpleasant appearance of pimples, spots and blackheads that  can be trapped in our dermis for decades .

Although we know a blackhead or a pimple is formed by the high amount of sebum and keratin produced by our skin as a result of physical activities that make us sweat, due to this, all the dirt, sebum and sweat that is produced when running from the time it takes on a tonality and in some cases it gradually increases its size and texture.

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