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    17 People That Broke All Stereotypes About Neighbors People

    Neighbors are very special people. There are some that know everything about everyone; some that are parents who are known for their children; and neighbors that are constantly doing renovations. And we all strive to have a good relationship with them in order to live calm and peaceful lives. We at Bright Side are convinced that a good relationship between neighbors is an important ingredient to a peaceful […] More

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    You can live twice than your expected age if you possess these simple yet weird habits.

    If you care about your health but don’t want to deprive yourself of life’s pleasures, then we have good news: there is a scientifically proven way out! Our world’s cleverest minds have found unordinary yet pleasant habits that can help a person stay both healthy and happy. They may even help you have a longer life! Gain tip is going to tell you about 10 of the most […] More

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    18 People That Changed Their Hairstyles, and Got Incredibly Happy or Terribly Disappointed

    Going to a beauty salon is bound to brighten your mood. Some people love their new cuts and hairstyles, but some get a hairdresser that doesn’t even try to do a good job. And for some people, new hair colors or totally new hair shapes mark the beginning of a new life. The female employees of the Bright Side team know better than anyone that a big change in a hairstyle often […] More

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    14 Coincidences That Seem to Be Predetermined by Fate Itself

    It seems that fateful coincidences can only happen in movies. But Internet users managed to prove otherwise and revealed the most amazing coincidences that happened in their lives. Even famous film directors wouldn’t be able to invent such great plot twists. At Bright Side, we could hardly imagine that such unbelievable stories could be true. Let’s find out if you have the same reaction after reading them. […] More

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    10 Actors Who Are Much Older Than the Characters They Play Films

    In many of our favorite movies and shows, there tend to be older actors who play the roles of teenagers, and a lot of the time, we don’t even notice it. Limitations, such as how long teenagers can work in one day and school duties, tend to restrict a lot of teenage actors to be cast. That’s why producers tend to pick older actors in order to avoid these restrictions. Bright Side has prepared 10 actors who […] More

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    12 Things About Living in Turkey You Won’t Learn From a Travel Show

    Turkey has everything you need for a good rest: the hot sun, the beautiful sea, and the amazing beaches. And also, the people in Turkey are really hospitable, which is why tourists love coming back to Turkey over and over again. We at Bright Side took a whole notebook to write down all the facts we’ve learned about Turkey. And at the end of the article, […] More

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    25 Tender Comics Showing What Could Happen if Animals Had Human Relationships

    If, on some occasions, we come across animals walking down the street, on a trip to the seaside, in a refuge or protected area, or even in books or on the internet, we usually see them as a complement to the beautiful scenery that nature gives us. But few, if any, of us wonder how they relate to each other and how they would relate if they actually had the emotional and social traits of human beings. […] More

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    9 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Doesn’t Like You

    If you are not very sure if a person is fond of you or not, and you can’t ask them directly, we will give you some tips. Pay very close attention to the way somebody talks to you or the gestures they make. For example, if they purse their lips while talking, this may show a feeling of discomfort or anxiety. Bright Side wants to help you be more vigilant and be able […] More

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    Washington Supreme Court opens door to forcing religious organizations to hire LGBT individuals

    The Washington state Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decision this week regarding legal exemptions for religious employers, in a move that could open the door to forcing religious organizations to hire LGBT employees. POLL: What scares you the most? In the original ruling passed down more than two years ago, King County Superior Court […] More

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    20 People Who Were Lucky Enough to Meet Their Perfect Partner

    For centuries, poets, philosophers, psychologists, artists, scientists, and ordinary people have tirelessly attempted to find out what love is. Why do some people make us feel good while others don’t? How do we choose each other? And finally, how can you really know if you’ll be happy with this person for the rest of your life? At Bright Side, we believe that there are people in this […] More

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    Eric Swalwell sues Trump and allies over Capitol riot, says he’s suffering from ‘severe emotional distress’

    Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California is suing former President Donald Trump and his allies over the Capitol riot. Swalwell claims that the unrest in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 caused him to suffer from “severe emotional distress.” POLL: What scares you the most? The civil lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Washington, alleges […] More

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