As we have already said in many of our articles, the skin is the largest and most important organ of our anatomy , in case of not having adequate personal hygiene, the skin would be exposed to many conditions such as skin excrescences, wartiness and in worst case suffering skin cancer.

Largest Organ in the Body: Size, Weight & Interesting Facts

On this occasion, we will tell you the case of Cecilia Carmona , a 31-year-old woman, who due to her poor personal hygiene habits and poor diet, caused the appearance of warts and skin excrescences, which are small masses of tissue that These benign and painless masses of tissues are usually formed on the surface of the skin, but Cecilia’s case is quite complex, since due to her severe wartiness, pain and itching are always present, but everything changes from one moment to another. , since the 31-year-old woman began to suffer the uncontrolled appearance of black warts, which were products of skin outgrowths


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